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Tel : 04 50 02 00 85

La pisciculture de Montremont
74230 Thônes

The restaurant and the farm fish are open to June at middle September

The fishing is open all day between 10.30 am to 6 pm

The restaurant is open all afternoon and wenesday, thursday, friday and sunday night

Welcome in Montremont farm fish

The road snakes through this valley between forests and raging torrents.

Just before the road for la Tournette, the Montremont fish farm and its la Cabane restaurant receives young and old alike for a relaxing moments.

For the past thirty years, this fish farm offers up its wooded, floral country setting to visitors.

Some prefer trout fishing with grandfather. Others like the shady patio to eat trout specialities or grills, salads and homemade desserts.

Gourmets do both and add a game of petanque afterwards.

Children play on the swing.

Hikers will enjoy a homemade snack on their homeward journey.

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